Why Listening to Your Social Media Audiences Is Crucial to Your Project Success

3 min readApr 11, 2022

According to Statista, internet users spent an average of 145 minutes on social media websites last year. That’s a 60% jump from the 90-minute figure in 2012, courtesy of the constantly improving user interfaces and engaging new features added over the years.

Social media usage in minutes from 2012–2020, Source: Statista

With all significant brands already riding the crowded social media bandwagon, this number is expected to go up much higher in the future, making it all the more essential to capitalize on the rising trend of time spent on social media platforms. Listening to what social media audiences are talking about your brand can help.

Social listening involves monitoring various social media channels for conversations around your brand, competitors, products or services, etc. With social listening, you can quite easily track, analyze, and respond to mentions and talks about your brand on social media.

By leveraging social media conversations on topics, events, keywords, hashtags, or news about your brand’s industry, you can stay at the top of your marketing and promotional game, and create tailored and targeted content pieces (blogs, videos, podcasts, etc.) to reach existing and potential users.

At WeCova, we deeply believe in the power of social media listening to help you hear and get heard across the digital space.

Social media audiences typically have a short attention span. Still, our social listening experts are proficient enough in slicing and dicing social media chatter, crunching social media numbers, and presenting a social media strategy that ensures the successful delivery of your brand’s messaging within this short time frame.

But what makes us put out such a confident claim?

In a considerably short period of years since our inception, we have built a reputation for nurturing relationships with brand communities, turning followers into brand loyalists and long-term investors. Our extensive experience has shown us that good customer support and effective social media audience engagement are at the heart of every robust blockchain and cryptocurrency project, product, and service.

We pride ourselves on our social listening and community management teams who make it a point to ingest every detail about your crypto project, product, or service and become the best ambassadors of your brand to prospective and existing customers. They leave no stone unturned in representing you with high-quality responses, unparalleled professionalism, and instant (but valuable) responses.

Some of our key features that enhance social media audience growth include:

  • Live chat support and 24/7 moderation of your Telegram community
  • Availability of a minimum of two Telegram community moderators round the clock
  • 24/7 scam and spam protection using our proprietary WeCova Moderation Bot
  • Enabling proactive engagement on your social media channels
  • Scouring social media platforms for the latest trends and talks about news, your project competitors, blockchain and crypto industry in general
  • Weekly social media listening reports
  • Providing 24/7 support on your preferred social media channel

The impact of social media audiences is so profound on businesses, especially cryptocurrency/blockchain businesses, that social media platforms have doubled up more as customer experience platforms. Marketing has evolved over the years, and it’s just not about pushing promotional content to prospective customers anymore. Because of the inherent complexity surrounding the digital asset space, constant monitoring of platforms such as Twitter, Telegram, etc., is essential as most of the crypto community is found on these platforms.

To market your project or product efficiently, it is essential to leverage social listening services to track meaningful conversations on various crypto-focused forums, blogs, review sites, and social channels. But what is even more critical is to utilize the data derived from social listening, absorb it cohesively and allow it to drive your social media marketing strategy.

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