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The Importance of Community Management to Crypto Projects

Communities centered on crypto projects should be synonymous with active conversation, ideal growth, and a strong sense of belonging to something greater.

This would be a wonderful outcome, but crypto companies report that people are not participating in media chats.

This statement urges the Community Manager (CM) to work on community participation for the project.

But, what does community engagement usually look like and how can CMs improve it?

Quiet Dispositions of Communities
Project communities aren't usually filled with regular chat conversations and nice interactions.

When there is no motivation to communicate, chat users may detach from the project's occurrences in the message channels without even realizing it.

Similarly, CMs cannot sustain a community conversation if they are the only ones speaking.

Even the tranquillity of a crypto society may be altered.

One of the key roles of a CM is to entice project followers and engage with community members, and their tactics must work in unison with the project itself.

Ways of Engaging the Community
Project creators who are still in the development phase may show off their progress, reveal their roadmap, and keep their backers up to date on their ongoing evolution.

Each piece of material published has the potential to engage the community.
Use of Existing Content
Using existing resources, the community manager may keep the community up to date on the latest developments and solicit feedback to help enhance the project.

This may also initiate a conversation regarding personal use-cases and how people will benefit from the project’s conclusion.

The more comfortable members of the community feel, the more likely they are to share their own stories, resulting in a closer-knit group of people.

Visual Interludes
Using visual aids is another type of community management strategy. Not only do pictures, infographics, and repurposing of content provide the chat with a break from the constant textual back-and-forth, but it also illustrates the current news surrounding the project. This, in turn, can provide the ground for discussions and Q&A sessions that contribute to the livelihood of the community.

Open Approach to Newcomers
Showing an increased interest in new group members can foster a welcoming space and a place to engage in. Seeing a crypto community manager that is friendly towards new community members encourages others to also help the newcomers integrate into the community.

A simple “Hello” with a tag is a personal courtesy, but it could also be a way to encourage involvement in the life of the chat. Caring about individuals is key to building a community.

No Updates = No Community
A community can become less and less enticing for the members and newcomers when there is a lack of updates. One of the reasons someone might join a Telegram chat or a Discord server is because they want to keep themselves knowledgeable about anything related to the project. Crypto community building cannot happen if CMs don’t share the latest news concerning the community. Crypto projects won’t be able to sustain steady growth resulting in a slow collapse of the community itself.

Individuals who have shown interest in the project and want to stay informed deserve a properly managed community. Through roadmaps, updates posted in the chats of the community, it is possible to build rapport with the chat members. Q&A sessions and visual aids not only keep members excited but also get them educated on their topic of interest. Community engagement contributes towards a healthy community—and this is the end goal of every CM.

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