7 Discord Marketing Strategies That Have Shown To Be Effective

3 min readApr 27, 2022

A serious NFT and P2E promotion plan should feature Discord marketing as its central strategy. However, most project owners lack knowledge and skills in blockchain marketing on Discord. Are you looking for the best tips on how to market on Discord? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at WeCova, we dive deep into some powerful strategies that you can use to succeed in your discord marketing.

What is Discord marketing?

Before delving into the strategies of Discord marketing, it’s critical to understand the social media platform first. From this understanding, you can appreciate the centrality of the platform in your social media marketing discord strategy. Discord is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) that enables users to interact through text messaging, voice, and video. The main reason for developing the platform was to help gamers link with like-minded community members. However, the platform can now support various campaigns, such as crypto marketing.

Each of the communities in Discord is called servers. Each server has its members, themes, regulations, and media. Servers have three channels, including text, voice, and video. With these attributes, Discord is one of the best platforms for crypto marketing.

Strategies to use when marketing on Discord

You must apply a discord marketing strategy when promoting offerings on this platform. For NFT marketing, here are the best Discord marketing tactics to use:

1. Create a server for your brand

Creating a community for your brand is the first step in Discord marketing. If you lack knowledge of creating a community, hiring a Discord marketing agency is critical. A crypto marketing company(WeCova) can help you create a server from scratch or use existing resources. Once you’ve got the server, you can develop personalized channels based on various categories, as explained above.

2. Understand your target audience

It’s critical to understand your audience before you start your Discord marketing campaigns. The knowledge helps you create relevant messages that resonate well with the crowd. All ages use this platform for messaging and influencing goals in terms of demographics. For the best outcomes from marketing on Discord, you need to be aware of the goals of your offerings and the aim of your brand.

3. Collaborate with other communities

Besides your server, you should join other Discord communities. This enables you to encounter big crowds relevant to your project. Engage the different communities by sharing links to your project and upcoming events.

4. Create relevant content

Developing relevant content can enable the community to understand the value it will derive from your project. Thus, you need to deliver content that explains your project. Under each category, always ensure that the content is relevant to the topic.

5. Offer special giveaways and discounts.

One of the best techniques for engaging your server is offering exclusive giveaways and discounts. This discord marketing strategy can help to expand your community and make your project stand out from the crowd.

6. Collect valuable information about your crowd

Your Discord platform is a fantastic site to gather helpful information about your audience. Once you share content and provide your offerings, it’s essential to evaluate the engagement levels. This enables you to gauge the community’s response and discover ways of improving your discord marketing strategy.

It’s critical to assess user engagements to know the best content styles and products that move the audience. You can also use Discord servers to discover the location of your community members and see where the majority of your crowd comes from. Here are the insights you get from collecting Discord server data:

  • Retention number of members
  • Crowd geography
  • Engagement with media and other members

7. Promptly respond to inquiries.

When conducting your social media marketing discord, community members are likely to ask different questions regarding your project. You need to respond directly and promptly to these queries. Ensure that your responses offer solutions to issues that your customers have. It would be great to respond privately to a member who inquired.


A compelling social media campaign is the use of Discord marketing. If you can create a relevant server and have it engaged throughout, you’re sure of impressive results. So, whether you want to conduct NFT marketing or crypto marketing, Discord should be part of your strategy. Here, we’ve shared helpful strategies on how to market on Discord.




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